Board of Directors

Executive Board

Paul Mastrobuoni, President
Hennion & Walsh, Inc
Fixed Income Trading
Jeff Gang, Vice President
Dynasty Advisors Inc 
Financial Advisor 
Richard Curto, Secretary
Solutions Delivery Manager

Board of Trustees

Bill Burke
Mendham Capital Management LLC
Financial Advisor
   Anne Dubon
  JasonJason Latorre
TD Securities USA LLC
Director, Fixed Income Sales
David M. Klein
Baird & Co
Damiano Albanese
Apex Companines LLC
National Client Manager
Michael Kress
E D & F Man Capital
Fixed Income Trading
John Kuchar
Brownstone Investment Group
Managing Director, High Yield Trading
Gene Scolamiero
Stifel Nicolaus & Co.
Municipal Trading
Jason Wallace
LEK Securities
Jerry Wolfe
Michael Goin
Middlegate Securities
Nicolle Brescia

Board of Trustees – Retired

Sanford Herzfeld
Gerard Mastronardi
Ted Remig
Paul Saitta
Thomas Shaw
Robert B. Wade
Benjamin Gray
Jerry Wolfe

In Memoriam Board Members

Michael Mastrobuoni
2001 – 2003
William Perley
2006 – 2010

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