Our 17th Year!

17 years of giving……

As we enter another year for Wall Street Cares, we look back on the past 16 events and families that you have helped….families who have lost someone special. Mom or Dad…a vital piece of the family. Someone who was always there. Someone that everyone thought would ALWAYS be there. A family that now has to face the uncertain future of moving on without a loved one to be there. Hopes and dreams for a child’s future that now is so unclear. And once again the hope that while we can in no way replace Mom or Dad, but try to help provide some financial stability, provide the day to mourn, the day to celebrate a life. A day like 16 others, but different in so many ways…..just like the other 16.

Jennifer and Brian Hegarty were Mom and Dad to young Kevin. A straight “A” student at the age of 10, Kevin already has dreams of designing computer programs. At his young age, he already studies Latin, Algebra, Anatomy and more. He has dreams of going to high school and going to a high profile college to pursue his dream. Mom and Dad shared his vision and his dreams.

Then just before Christmas, everything changed. Jennifer, already having complications from a surgery she had a few years ago, she could not recover from the ongoing problems that had occurred from that surgery and left Kevin without a Mom, and Brian without a wife.

Once again we ask the question we have tried to answer over the past 17 years…how can we help. On Good Friday March 30, we will again be the incredible group of supporters that any organization has had. We will be there to listen, to help, to celebrate someone who once again was taken from us way too early in life. See you on Good Friday…….

Paul Mastrobuoni

Wall Street Cares


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