Another year….another family in need…

Welcome to Wall Street Cares!  As we enter our 18th year we find ourselves looking at where we have come from. The true beginning of our efforts became real after the horror of 9/11. The courage shown by our friends in the fire, police and EMS departments who rushed to the scene. Our friends in the business working in the towers who simply went to work that day. Everyone just doing their job…..

This year we find ourselves honoring another man who also went to work…just doing his job, Firefighter Michael Davidson. Answering the call to a fire in Harlem, Michael made the ultimate sacrifice while doing what he always did….saving people’s lives.

Michael was a dedicated husband, father and brother to not only his own family but to the family in his firehouse. Married to his love Eileen in 2010, the couple was blessed with 4 children, Brooke 8, Joseph 6, Emily 3, and Amy 2. Now those children face an uncertain future…another family who needs our help.


Please join us on Good Friday, April 19th 2019 at Crystal Springs Golf course for a day of golf, remembrance and honor for someone who has left us too early in life. I hope you can join us to lend an ear to listen…a shoulder to cry on…a pair of arms to hug these beautiful children….to lend support to give them the future that we all know Michael wanted to provide.

May God bless you now and in the New Year!

Paul Mastrobuoni

Wall Street Cares